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Around La Libaudié 

Our own activities

Besides the many sights here in the proximity such as the caves of Roquefort, the cities Albi and Rodez, the many picturesque villages, the viaduct of Millau, etc, etc, you might ask yourself, what can we do on the property itself?
Apart from the opportunities here on our domain to really relax, we have prepared a number of various activities for you. So, do not worry that you might get bored here!
Walking on our private property


Around our property we have set out about twenty trails, variing from 2 to 20 km's. The small paths lead you through the forest surrounding la Libaudié. We put plastified IGN maps 1:12.500 and route descriptions at your disposal. One of the tours is a photo walk; You'll find your way by a sheet of small photos. All walks are GPS compatible. Click here for more walking information.. 

Canoing at the Tarn

Beach and canoe

Down along the Tarn lies our canoe that you can use. You can go half an hour upstream or downstream up to the dams. We also have set out a Biathlon. First you take the canoe and go half an hour upstream. You dock the canoe and then return to la Libaudié on foot through the forest. Condition is that you find another team that does the same in the opposite direction.

Swimming pool  la Libaudié


At la Libaudié you can relax, you can refill . . . . Everywhere on the property we created spots where you can retreat or search the company of the other guests for a talk, enjoy a good glass of wine, being lazy in a hammock or read a book. Take one of the reclining chairs or descend to our quite spot at the Tarn. The choice is yours!


Of course . . . Here you will find our own petanque track. The sets of boulles are ready, so you do not have to bring them. Comfortable play petanque with the other guests with a drink to celebrate victory.

Car and motor trips

We assembled for you about 5 fantastic car or motor trips. We put at your disposal a road descriptions and maps and guide you through the magnificent landscape of the Tarn and Aveyron with stunning views, lost villages, curious monuments and other curiosities. The trips vary from 40 to 160 kms, under which visiting the Viaduct of Millau, the superb fortified village Cordes sur Ciel, the Abbey of Sylvanès, the castle of Montaigut and much much more. 

Photo rally

In the nearby vicinity we have set out a surprise rally. The only thing you get from us are the geographical coordinates of your first destination. You enter them into your TomTom and off you go. In fact, you don't know exactly where you are going. Once arrived at your first destination, you start looking for a little hidden nametag displaying the coordinates of your next target. An exiting way to discover the surroundings. Besides that we have a number of pre-programmed TomTom route files which you can load directly into your navigator. If you do not have a navigator, take our TomTom. Click here for more information about downloading our itinerary files for your TomTom.

Beautiful bike roads

Libaudie google earth

Our trips

We have prepared for you a large number of hiking tracks, bike rides and car trips. You only have to load them on your smartphone and you can set off.

A magnificent cycling region!


Domaine la Libaudié
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